FAQs and What to Bring

Obstacle Course Races

What are Obstacle Course Races?
Wall, crawls, climbs, drags, lifts, mud, and FUN!  A place to meet people, get a great work out, get dirty, and find out what’s inside.  A series of obstacles designed to test your core strength combined with running between obstacles to test your endurance.

Who are they for?
Teams, individuals, friends and families – Mud Race Series Adult courses are for ages 13 years and older.  The first heat in the Adult course (Elite heat) is for experience racers (see race page for age details).  Kids courses are for ages 6 – 12.

How long are the races?
Usually 3 plus miles in length for Adult courses and 1/2 to 1 mile in length for Kids courses.

How long does a race in the mud race take from start to finish?
1-3 hours on average.

What is the age of most racers?
25 to 50 and growing.

What is the percentage of men and women?
Men 40% and Women 60%

Do I have to run?
No, many people walk from obstacle to obstacle.  This allows you to save energy and attack that next obstacle with a vengeance.  You choose: run, walk, crawl . . . it’s all good.

Can I stop and rest on the course?
Yes, we want you to enjoy yourself and be safe.  Stay near the course and whenever possible stop near one of the obstacles to rest.  Some areas are remote.

Do I have to do every obstacle?
Yes, if you are in the prize heat.  No, if you aren’t in it for the prize.

Is the course marked?
Yes, please stay on the course.

How is the course marked?
The course is marked with flags and spray painted direction arrows on the ground.

Are maps provided to racers?
Once the race director has finalized the course markings, they will post the map on http://www.mapmyhike.com.  This is usually done 24 hours before the first heat starting time.   Feel free to download and print a copy.

Where are the races held?
Wherever life takes us. We’ll have races across the USA. On beaches, near swamps, in the mountains, on the flatlands, in nature . . .

When are the races held?
All year round – Winter races are in the South and Summer races are in the North.

How many races can one person do in a year?
No limits have been established yet.  Most people do between 2 and 6 per year.

Do the races fill up?
Almost always.

How do I sign up to race?
Check out the sidebar on any of our sites. =========>

Do you have a kids race?
Yes! As part of the 5k mud race series we have a separate course designed specifically for them.  The Kids course is for ages 6 – 12.

Do you have a prize money race?
Yes, In 2014 we are adding cash prizes to all of our 5k mud races.  The OCR 100 has grown to a $10,000 first place 1 hour challenge.  The Elite Legend 24 should be around $50,000.00 for the first place finishers in 2014.

Obstacle Course Race Preparation

What do I do to get ready?
Workout, run, meditate, have a positive attitude, and a bit of a crazy spirit.

What shoes should I wear for the 5k mud race series?
An old pair of standard running shoes. Wrap duct tape around the laces to keep them from getting caught.  Donate the shoes at the end of the race.

Should I wear a good pair of gloves?
Absolutely, most definitely, without a doubt, always, and YES.  (In case you were wondering.)

Should I carry water to drink?
Yes.  Backpack style carriers work best.

Should I eat before a race?
That depends on your needs.  Do the same thing you would do before and after an intense workout.  Carry some nuts and energy bars with you in case you need something.

What about those race days when it is really cold?
Wear a neoprene cap on your head.

Carry a black plastic garbage bag to wear over your torso when traveling from obstacle to obstacle.  Always remove the bag near barbed wire obstacles and before water obstacles.
Dress in thin layers so you can remove them as needed.

Oh yeah and one last thing. Have Fun:)

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